Webster’s definition of genealogy is “an account of the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor,” but the pursuit of genealogy entails so much more. Genealogists and family history enthusiasts are problem-solvers, detectives, analysts and writers. Let me help you find the puzzle pieces to reconstruct your family’s heritage.


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Are you new to genealogy? Have you always WANTED to find out about your family?  Here is your chance. Research packages available in various time blocks. 

Have you joined 1000’s of others and taken a DNA test?  Are you confused about the results? Holistic Genealogy can help put the puzzle pieces together to create the genetic picture of your family.

Have you hit a brick wall? Not sure where to look next? Consultation with Jo Arnspiger, a professional genealogist, may help you breakdown that wall.    

After the research, how can you share?  Engage an accomplished writer to help YOU get started. Want a professional? Let Holistic Genealogy write your stories for you. 

Check out the wide range of offerings available through the Genealogy Presentation Library. Have something special in mind? Let me craft a personalized presentation for you.


Do you have ancestor photos?  Perhaps a memento from your great grandmother? 

Preserve your family artifacts, photos and history with a four generation heirloom Ancestry Album.

By incorporating your photos as well as original historic documents I create beautiful coffee table styled archival quality Ancestry Albums. 

These albums make perfect one-of-a-kind gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or the holidays.

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Have you heard of a mug rug? It is between a coaster and a placemat and is designed for that mid morning coffee and bagel snack or the afternoon tea and cookie break. 

Adding a family member photo, actually printed on specialized material, creates a unique and functional item you can see and use daily.  

Do you want something a little more? How about a lap quilt with photos of your four grandparents? 

The possibilities are endless.

Have you researched your family? Maybe gathered some stories and interviewed your older family members?  

What is the next step? How can you share your knowledge with your family? 

Embracing the Creative Non-fiction genre, “factually accurate prose about real people and events – in a compelling, vivid manner” – Lee Gutkind, Holistic Genealogy will work with you to write an engaging and interesting story of your ancestor. 

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