Month: February 2019

52 Ancestors – Week 7 – Love

I really struggled with this meme. I never knew any of my ancestors, not my grandparents on either side, not even my father. I knew my mother but it was a contentious relationship and not very “loving.”  So who was I going to write about? I wanted, needed to continue to participate in this challenge but who? Then this morning I realized it is not “who” but “what.” THE RESEARCH The research is what I love. The thrill of discovery, of knowing I used my “problem solving skills” to figure out where to look to find the elusive puzzle pieces …

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52 Ancestors – Week 6

SURPRISE This week the meme is “Surprise.” I found this a bit challenging because it seems like it is always a surprise when I find another ancestor, another generation back, another grandparent. I did some thinking, reviewed my pedigree chart with that meme in mind and came up with my Week 6 ancestor. My family, most of my ancestors, are relatively unremarkable. No celebrities, famous or infamous characters, just regular, middle of the road apparently hardworking folks. Not wealthy, not poor, just middle class through the generations. THE HOFF AND JOHNSTON FAMILY Then I discovered Emaline Hoff and her husband …

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Daily Dose #3

The Wise household in south Nodaway was all abustle this Sunday morning.  It was May 25, 1913 and a milestone date. Genevieve Mary Wise had done it. She had completed high school and would be attending her baccalaureate ceremony this morning and her commencement ceremony in just four days. The attendance at both would include family and friends of the eight graduates, which was most of the population of this small rural village. Being only a few hours away, chores needed to be done and preparations completed and food was needed. “Albert have you got the horses harnessed up yet?” …

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Daily Dose #2

Explore a scene or story from your memory by reimagining it from an alternate perspective. Archie and his wife Lulu wearily descended the steps of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy train searching for the familiar face of his brother, Fred. It had been a long and circuitous train ride from Glenullin, North Dakota to Nodaway, Iowa and Archie was fearful to learn of his father’s condition. The telegram had said only that he was gravely ill. “Lulu, I don’t see Freddy so let’s get you inside out of the cold to wait. I’m sure he will be here shortly.” “Archie, …

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