Jo Arnspiger

Hello. I am Jo and I am a genealogist. I am other things as well; a wife, mother, grandmother, quilter but under it all I am a genealogist. I would like to share with you why and how I came to be a genealogist. I wanted to know where my family came from, who they were; their names and occupations, tidbits about their lives if I could. I never knew my father or grandparents, aunts or uncles. There was just this void of what family had come before me.

Then I starting researching, looking for my husband’s family because his name was easy; Arnspiger. If I found any they were most likely going to be related in some way.

That eventually led to research in Kentucky and Pennsylvania and Ohio as well as other locations on the East Coast. There really is nothing like onsite research whether for myself or for clients; walking the land our ancestors lived on brings life to the data and meat to the bones of their story.  My passion, excitement and joy in genealogy has continued for over forty years. I just love to research and share what I discover with others.

Prior to 2012 I pursued research projects for friends and family. Since then I have engaged in professional research both onsite and online.

I am a member of the National Genealogical Society, the New England Historical and Genealogical Society, the Jessamine County Genealogical Society and the Kentucky Historical Society.

I am an alumni of ProGen 6 and the newly formed Certification Discussion Group, Winter 2018.

I was awarded 1st Place in the Dallas Genealogical Society Writing Contest in 2013 and 3rd Place in the International Society of Family History Writers and Editors Excellence in Writing Contest, Category III, Original Research Story, 2011.

I have attended numerous regional and national conferences and workshops with a focus on the expanding field of DNA testing and analysis.

I have presented lectures to the Santa Barbara Genealogical Society, the Northern Arizona Genealogical Society and the Prescott Public Library.

I have the skills and experience in all facets of genealogical research to provide you, the client, with exceptional results. Contact me for a consultation or a research project.

WithWith the recent success of my portfolio submitted to the Board for Certification of Genealogists, I am excited to announce my certification status.cont