scope of service for analysis and research

Are you looking for someone to do the work for you? A knowledgeable and professional researcher? Look no further, Holistic Genealogy will put  your family’s puzzle pieces together by answering your important questions. Who? Where?

Time Block Options

Each research block includes the research plus

  • Complimentary 30 Minute Consult
  • A Research Plan
  • A Research Report
  • Digital copies of relevant documents
  • Suggestions for “Next Step”
Dip Your Toe In – 5 hrs – $300.00
Just a Bit More – 10 hrs – $600.00
Getting Serious Now – 15 hrs -$900.00
Let’s Rock ‘n Roll – 20 hrs – $1200.00

scope of service for analysis and consultation

The purpose of a consultation is to provide you with some “next steps” based on research already done.  Have you hit that brick wall? Not sure where to look next?  Unclear what records are available and might be helpful? A consultation with me might be just what you need to get through that brick wall.  

Rates for analysis of the issue and the consultation are $60.00 an hour with a two hour minimum. You will be provided with a Research Plan and research suggestions based on the consultation.

scope of service ancestry dna analysis

Options to Use DNA In Genealogical Research

understanding your dna results

Have you done DNA testing? What did you hope to learn from your testing? Did the paper trail from traditional research fail to answer your question so you turned to DNA? Are you looking for your birth parents? Maybe you are looking to connect with previously unknown cousins. Perhaps you are simply interested in determining or confirming your ethnicity. These are all good reasons to test and the solution to any of these scenarios is most likely within those results … or will be.  But finding them, that’s the challenge. Let Holistic Genealogy help you along the path of analysis of your DNA results with any of the six paths below.

analyzing your ancestry dna shared matches

One of the most powerful tools to analyze your DNA results is Shared Matches at AncestryDNA.  When this tool is teamed with the robust family trees and search capabilities at Ancestry it is possible to unlock the key to your genetic genealogy. Let Holistic Genealogy help you make sense out of your results. Package includes complimentary 30 minute consultation, a research plan and report.         Hourly rate $60.00.

scope of service writing the story

Options to Write

Holistic Genealogy can act as your editor

Have you reached a point where you are ready to write that special story? Not sure how to get started, what your “voice” is? I can help with that. As your editor I would help you with suggestions to make your story the best it can be.


Not comfortable with the writing?

I would be happy to write your ancestor’s story. After a complete review of your research and a consultation with you to determine what you are looking for, I will bring your ancestor’s story to life. Utilizing the creative non-fiction genre, the facts you have uncovered will be interwoven with social content from the time.  Sound interesting?  Let’s talk. Rate is negotiable depending upon the scope of the project.